Parental Guidance: Getting Smart with Social Media

In this age of social media what one posts online holds more weight now than ever. A fact that 10 prospective Harvard students found out the hard way when their acceptances were revoked due to what they posted on social media. We’ve all heard this song before and like any other top 40 hit it won’t be the last time it’s played, but what can we take away and learn from these students? Continue reading “Parental Guidance: Getting Smart with Social Media”


Common App Tips From a College Student

Just like job applications, college applications take a lot of time and calculated effort. Once August hits, it is time for college seniors to begin their application process to five or sometimes ten or more schools. Many times selective schools will use their own application, but more schools are beginning to see the benefits of using the Common App. Its website boasts nearly 700 colleges and universities worldwide use the application. It can make applying to many schools a quick process that allows the student ample time to focus on the quality of the application. But it can be confusing and many times lengthier than other applications.

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Simplifying The College Application Process: For Parents

Being a busy mom is hard enough and with the speed in which education is evolving it can be stressful to keep up. As your child or children approach their junior year of high school the pressures can be overwhelming. With school work, SAT’s, ACT’s, prom, sports and other activities, the last thing that your child is going to want is to think about college. That’s where you are able to step in with these tips to help prep for everything college.
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