Snowed In: 3 FunThings to Do With Kids

Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Snow DayLet’s be honest. With the exception of those of us shoveling in the cold for hours, almost everyone secretly enjoys being completely snowed in for one day.  If you happen to fall into the “nonessential personnel” category,  then you’re off from work and the kiddies are off from school.  Your entire world freezes.  You’re understandably and secretly happy to be unable to answer work emails, run errands, rush to take the kids to activities. (Breathing a collective sigh of relief and air high-fiving all of you parents out there.)  You leisurely wake up and think of the full breakfast you’re able to make today since the 5 minutes your schedule allows on a regular workday never allows you to make the breakfast your heart desires.  Suddenly, you realize that the inevitable is bound to happen; within the next couple of hours your children will tell you that they are bored.  However, today will be different.

Here are 3  Fun Things to Do With Your Children on a Snow Day:

(Disclaimer: This post was approved by kid-approved by my 10-year-old daughter to make sure that these activities aren’t just fun for us parents.) Continue reading “Snowed In: 3 FunThings to Do With Kids”

Make Your Own Ice Cream At Home!

If you have ever wanted to make homemade ice cream but didn’t think you had the right tools, it turns out, you do! This easy recipe makes a simple vanilla ice cream, but you can add other ingredients to make different flavors. The whole process takes about 7 minutes!

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“On-The-Go” Lunches: Kid Approved

Getting three or more people ready in the morning is probably the most stressful part of your day as a parent. Sometimes you may even forget to pack lunch for your kids or you might not even have anytime time to. Here are some kid approved quick lunches you can pack the morning of or get ready the night before. You can also cut some time by pre-cutting and storing some lunch staples like melon or carrots. Meal prep containers can be found online for quite a steal and they make bringing lunch easier and more fun! Continue reading ““On-The-Go” Lunches: Kid Approved”

Turn Your Child Into A Book Lover For Life

Like most children, I was brought up reading short stories and poetry books. First, my mother read me Three Billy Goats Gruff, then The Story of Ferdinand—a kind bull interested in smelling flowers, not fighting matadors, then The Pony Club series. Sometime after that my interest in reading dropped off a cliff. I was not like my sister, who finished new Harry Potter Books in a day. Thankfully, towards the end of high school I found a new love for reading that has carried into adulthood.

But how did my parents create a book lover in my sister and not in me? Continue reading “Turn Your Child Into A Book Lover For Life”

Public, Private, Charter – What’s the Difference?

Every parent wants to do their best in helping their child succeed in school. It starts with picking the perfect school to fit your child and your family. There is constant debate over private, public, and charter schools, and which type of school is the absolute best.

The truth is, neither of three are the best.
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