Interns: How to Make a Smooth Transition Into a New Company

Starting a new internship can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. On one hand, you have an opportunity to learn new skills and add to your resume but on the other hand you might have a terrible boss, your coworkers may hate you and you might forget your lunch on the first day. It’s said a good internship is hard to find but we have some tips to help dip your toe into the freezing waters of a new company.

  1. Take the job seriously

        We get it. You don’t work as much as a regular employee and in some cases you might not even be getting paid, but this doesn’t mean you get a free pass to slack off. Don’t forget you can always get references, future connections, a resume boost and new skills out of any internship! Try setting a goal to help motivate you to work, working towards something improves the quality of your work and it’s that good quality work that leaves you something to be proud of in the end. Completing your goal leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and an easy way to recount your internship experience. Spending a little time reflecting what you want accomplish and how long you want to take to during the internship.

  1. Stand Out

Don’t forget that an internship is a learning experience and like all learning experiences you won’t understand everything right away, which is why it’s important to ask questions. You want to get the most out of your internship so why would you leave a question unasked? Your supervisors are there to answer your questions and they want to help so don’t even try to use the old “I’m shy” excuse. Asking questions helps your employer remember your name, face and work ethic, in addition to questions you can also come in early, stay late, take the lead on a project and come up with creative solutions.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid

        Go into your internship with an open mind and a positive attitude. If your biggest fear is talking to your supervisor then start by talking to your coworkers, they might have good advice and you might even make a friend. If your biggest fear is not doing a good job take a moment to realize that everything new has a learning curve and success takes time. If your biggest fear is clowns then you’ve come to the wrong place and we can’t help you there.

Your internship is what you make of it don’t forget that. The most important thing to remember is that your supervisors and bosses and coworkers want to help you and want you to be there. This isn’t middle school, they’re not going to pull your pigtails and make fun of your Star Wars lunch box. Like we mentioned before, a positive attitude and an open mind will make all the difference in a smooth transition.  



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