Snowed In: 3 FunThings to Do With Kids

Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Snow DayLet’s be honest. With the exception of those of us shoveling in the cold for hours, almost everyone secretly enjoys being completely snowed in for one day.  If you happen to fall into the “nonessential personnel” category,  then you’re off from work and the kiddies are off from school.  Your entire world freezes.  You’re understandably and secretly happy to be unable to answer work emails, run errands, rush to take the kids to activities. (Breathing a collective sigh of relief and air high-fiving all of you parents out there.)  You leisurely wake up and think of the full breakfast you’re able to make today since the 5 minutes your schedule allows on a regular workday never allows you to make the breakfast your heart desires.  Suddenly, you realize that the inevitable is bound to happen; within the next couple of hours your children will tell you that they are bored.  However, today will be different.

Here are 3  Fun Things to Do With Your Children on a Snow Day:

(Disclaimer: This post was approved by kid-approved by my 10-year-old daughter to make sure that these activities aren’t just fun for us parents.)

  1. Cook and/or Bake Together

    If cooking isn’t your strong suit, grab your favorite non-cook or bake recipe and enjoy figuring it out together. You can make breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert without touching a stove or oven.    Parenting hack:  I have been a class mom for at least one of my daughter’s classes for the past 8 years.   I “tricked” both of my daughters and their kindergarten classes  into liking yogurt by having them help me make what I called Fancy Parfait. Yogurt parfait sounds fancy but is a simple easy, fun and delicious treat made of plain or vanilla yogurt, granola and their favorite fruit. Kids love helping to make guacamole,  puddings and dessert bars.  I bet you can get your children to discover a new favorite treat too.

    If you do enjoy cooking or baking with your children regularly then today is a great day for a cooking challenge.  If you have multiple young children then break them into breakfast teams by assigning one to help with pancakes, one on the egg team and another on the breakfast protein team.  It’s a way to keep your sanity while getting everyone involved in an age appropriate way.  Kids really don’t care how much they help, so for the little ones washing the fruit and helping to organize berries in a patten on the plate will be fun, educational and keep them busy.  For older children, you can organize a real cook-off.  Set them up with the same ingredients, a kitchen timer and see what they come up with.  Just remind them that they must wash what they’ve used so that they don’t go completely mad in your kitchen with the dirty dishes.

  2. Make a Craft/Project

    Make something fun and tactile.  My youngest daughter has been on this making slime craze for the past few months. She insists that we have glue, food coloring, borax and shaving cream in stock at all times.  Playdough is easy and fun to make too.  The younger ones will need your help with the coloring and working with the borax and shaving cream.   Please make sure they don’t get tempted to taste the crafts.  Borax and shaving cream can be dangerous if consumed and our youngest creatives are sometimes intrigued by seeing how easily these household products make their favorite pastime crafts.

  3. Play or Make Up Games

    If you’re really looking to have fun with the kids and keep them busy, you can make your own puzzle.  Many moons ago, I used to teach a 4-year-old preschool class at a child care center.  It took some planning, but I would take a large piece of poster board, trace the pieces to our favorite puzzle onto the board, cut out the pieces then help each child write/his her name and decorate at least one puzzle piece. We’d then let the artwork dry completely and move onto another activity.  Once it’s dried, I’d have them help me put the pieces back together by gluing them on a piece of foam board. We’d have a class puzzle to display for everyone to see.  You can take the same concept and make a family puzzle to keep forever.  If making up games isn’t your thing then pull out the traditional family games.  Games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Life or Uno keep my children occupied for hours.

Kids naturally have short attention spans.  As adults who constantly scroll through social media and apps, we seem to be suffering from the same syndrome. We may have a snow day off from work but there is no “calling out” from parenting.  Organizing fun activities for our children to do on a snow day allows us to spend quality time, create memories and keep them engaged a.k.a not bored.  Once you tire them out you may just be able to enjoy that favorite book, glass of wine or if you’re lucky you might even be able to squeeze in time for that candle-lit bubble bath you deserve.  Enjoy your snow day, have fund and be safe!

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